Get the answers you need to take control of your fertility

with a licensed, credentialed fertility nutrition expert identify and address the root causes of YOUR fertility struggles so you can optimize your fertility naturally... without wasting time on treatments that won't work for YOU

Are you struggling to get ANSWERS about your Fertility?

Have you been struggling to get answers about why you're having trouble conceiving or being given an "unexplained infertility" diagnosis?

The problem is that conventional medical testing only goes so far... it's great for identifying obvious hormonal issues and structural issues preventing conception... but it's looking for "normal" vs "abnormal"... not exactly striving for "optimal."

Functional testing goes MUCH deeper than what's available through conventional practitioners (looking at all THREE types of estrogen we make, for example — not just at estradiol). Deeper thyroid testing, complete nutrient testing, and more.

In order to identify roadblocks to getting pregnant... and sustaining a healthy pregnancy that results in a healthy baby... we've got to dig deeper. And that calls for functional testing. So I created this program to allow you to get the lab testing you need to get the answers you're looking for by becoming a client of The Hormone Dietitian.

This program is perfect whether you've been struggling with fertility for a while or whether you're taking a proactive approach to optimizing your fertility naturally.


The Fertility Answers Program

A way for you to finally get the answers you've been looking for...

I've worked with thousands of women with hormone imbalances and hormone-driven conditions and women in all stages of the fertility journey in my private practice The Hormone Dietitian LLC and in my courses, The PCOS Root Cause Roadmap and The Period Problems Root Cause Roadmap.

My mission is to empower women with the knowledge they need to make the right decisions about their own bodies and what kind of care they need.

The problem is... even armed with that knowledge, when working with a healthcare team who doesn't listen to you (or, let's face it - listen to women, period), doesn't trust your instincts, and won't order the very valid and necessary tests you need to get the answers that will help you determine the root causes of YOUR hormone imbalances... you're still stuck.

I listen to my patients. I trust them when they say something doesn't feel right. And ordering the necessary tests to determine root causes and assess where you are with your care is just part of my protocols as a functional and integrative dietitian.


I've created the Fertility Answers Program to fast-track your ability to get those answers you so desperately desire... so that you can *finally* take charge of your own fertility, naturally.

The Fertility Answers Program is the ONLY program of its kind that…

1. Helps you identify and address the root causes of YOUR fertility roadblocks by giving you access to the testing that your doctor won't do
2. Allows you to work with a licensed and credentialed integrative and functional registered dietitian in a low-commitment way
3. Gives you the answers you're looking for about which root causes are driving YOUR issues... and what to do about them
4. Is based on real scientific evidence, including the latest in emerging research

5. Gives you access to me, Melissa Groves Azzaro, RDN, LD, licensed & credentialed functional & integrative dietitian who has helped thousands of women struggling with fertility issues get pregnant and maintain healthy pregnancies... even after prior failed fertility treatments including IVF and recurrent losses.

So if you’re finally ready to take control of your fertility without a one-size-fits-all restrictive diet, medications, or sketchy supplements... And you want those answers you've been unable to get elsewhere...

Here's how we'll help you get there:

What you get when you enroll:

Work with The Hormone Dietitian to get YOUR Fertility Answers:

  • 1 x 60-minute virtual one-on-one full functional medicine assessment  - $597 value
  • 1 x 60-minute virtual one-on-one test interpretation & customized nutrition, lifestyle & supplement recommendations - $597 value
  • Written lab report & personalized nutrition, lifestyle & supplement protocol ($597 value)
  • DUTCH Complete OR DUTCH Cycle Map Hormone Test (includes estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, hormone metabolites, cortisol, DHEA, vitamins B12, B6, biotin, and select neurotransmitters; Cycle Map tracks estrogen & progesterone over the course of your whole cycle - $499-$650 value
  • Full thyroid panel, insulin, A1c, inflammation, LH/FSH - >$700 value
  • Micronutrient panel (A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, D3, E, K1 & K2, folate, choline, inositol, carnitine, MMA (B12), calcium, manganese, zinc, copper, magnesium, selenium, glutathione, selenium, chromium, iron, CoQ10) - $499 value
  • Access to private HIPAA-compliant messaging between your 2 appointments - $597 value

You also get:

  • 20% discount on all recommended professional grade supplements - value varies


When you add it all up, that’s a total value of >$4200

But when you apply today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

3 Monthly Payments of


~ OR ~

1 Payment of



But act fast! There are just 3 spots left in 2023 and we are currently booking for Nov 2023!



Not available outside the US or in the following states: MD, NY, NJ, RI.


Answers Program LITE (everything but the blood tests, and at a lower cost) IS available in NY & NJ, so we will send you the appropriate link after you fill out the application.

We do NOT accept insurance; we DO accept HSA/FSA and are happy to provide an invoice!


  • You have been struggling to get pregnant or stay pregnant OR you're just starting your fertility journey and looking to optimize your fertility naturally
  • You're in the U.S. but not in MD, NY, NJ, or RI
  • You're trying to get pregnant but not currently going through medicated fertility treatments, OR...
  • You're not trying to get pregnant but you're also not on hormonal birth control (we do make exceptions if the reason you're on the pill is because of your symptoms)
  • You want to get the answers you're looking for when it comes to your fertility but your doctor won't run the labs you're asking for, just tells you "they're fine" and encourages you to consider IVF
  • You're not looking for a quick-fix, one-size-fits-all nutrition or supplement plan that's not grounded in science
  • You don't need much hand holding... just want to get an expert's guidance on your situation

Answered YES to all of the above? Sounds like you're a perfect fit!

Questions? Email us at [email protected]!

"Taking the Course was one of the best things I have invested in for my fertility journey. You learn so much about ways to fuel your body correctly, tests and real facts about PCOS, and it’s packed with useful handouts that make implementing everything so much easier. By following Melissa’s methods, I was able to ovulate naturally within the first few weeks."

PCOS RCR Student

"When I started [working with Melissa] my cycle averaged 46 days. After only the first three weeks of [working together] my cycle went down to 32 days! I’m sure that with even more time to apply the things I’ve learned I would get to the typical 28 but I ended up getting pregnant naturally during my next cycle so I’ll have to wait and see 🙂 No BS, evidence based information, and awareness that we are not all the same. Also, the incorporation of small gradual changes. It is a completely different approach then the typical “change all the things” attitude suggested by other medical professionals in the past."

PCOS Fertility Client

"I was able to create a supplement regimen that addressed my nutrient deficiencies and prepared me for pregnancy. Our protocol helped to regulate my sleep. You were able to make recommendations about which exercises would be best for me and my goals, which was very important to me. You found the high thyroid antibodies that led to my Hashimoto’s diagnosis, which was a big missing puzzle piece in my fertility, and you helped me create a really doable protocol that addressed my Hashimoto’s. And most importantly, I was able to have a successful first round of IVF (successful egg retrieval followed by pregnancy) with your help!"

PCOS Fertility Client

"Melissa gave me the tools I needed to know I was doing the best I could and helped me fine tune what I was doing. This has done wonders for my quality of life because it allowed me to relax and have to second guess what I was doing. Loved the messaging between appointments. She is super responsive and I never had to wait very long for her to respond to any questions or concerns I had. I loved having someone with extensive knowledge to guide you through how to best support your own body and health needs, someone to bounce ideas and concerns off of, and having an amazing cheerleader on your side! Update: Pregnant with Baby #2!"

PCOS Fertility Client

"I wanted help transitioning off of HBC so I could get pregnant (and to avoid horrible cystic acne)! It is so helpful to work with an expert – the genetics, blood, and hormone tests helped ensure I was making the best decisions and choices for my body. I stopped HBC… and so far so good! (Update: successful pregnancy!) I loved the video chatting- very easy to schedule and it is nice to have the time to talk through items in person. I also like how scientific her approach is."

PCOS Client

"I'm down 30 pounds and on my second regular cycle... for the first time in my life!" ... "I was able to ovulate and now I'm almost 12 weeks pregnant!" ... "I got my period at 35 days! So much better than 45-60!" ... "I had my first natural ovulation ever a couple of weeks ago and confirmed pregnancy via hcg yesterday!!!" ... "I started my period today on day 29 of my cycle! No wonder they call you The Period Fairy, Melissa!!!" ... "After Melissa explained to me the results [of my DUTCH test] I now understand more what’s going on with my hormones. You have been the only professional that has explained to me what’s going on with my hormones and also made good recommendations to improve the issue."

Other feedback from
The Hormone Dietitian Clients...

Meet Melissa...

Melissa Groves Azzaro, RDN, LD, aka The Hormone Dietitian®, is an award-winning integrative and functional dietitian specializing in women's health and hormones. She's the author of A Balanced Approach to PCOS, host of Hormonally Yours with The Hormone Dietitian, and creator of The PCOS Root Cause Roadmap (tm), The Period Problems Root Cause Roadmap (tm), PCOS Meal Prep Made Easy and Can't Guess, Gotta Test. She has helped thousands of women with PCOS. other hormone imbalances, and struggling with fertility regain regular cycles, improve symptoms, and get pregnant naturally in her one-on-one, group programs, and her functional testing Answers Programs. She's the current Chair of Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine Practice Group.


Not ready yet? 

If you're not looking for one-on-one support (or are outside the US or live in a state where I can't work with you) but you still want to learn how to manage your PCOS... 

You can get access to the PCOS Root Cause Roadmap™ for a limited time! Learn the dietitian-designed 6-step method to PCOS that has helped over 900 women and counting! 

Start managing your PCOS today for just $497!

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