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...and bust through the overwhelm and confusion about where to even start!


There's a lot of information out there about what you should and should not eat for PCOS. Unfortunately, most of it is coming from self-proclaimed PCOS coaches spreading the "this worked for me so you should do it too gospel." [face palm]

Unfortunately, if it seems to good to be true... it most likely is. There is no one-size fits all diet for PCOS. Sorrynotsorry to bust your bubble.

I hear from literally TONS of women who gave up XYZ foods for weeks or months... and still are dealing with symptoms like irregular cycles, missing periods, acne, bloating, fatigue, and cravings. And they feel like there's something wrong with THEM, or like they failed. I promise you - it's not you that failed. It's the diet that failed you.

Or maybe you think you're doing a pretty good job already. If I had $1 for every woman who tells me "I eat pretty healthy," well then, I could retire to a private island. The problem is "healthy eating" doesn't necessarily mean it's RIGHT for PCOS.

Luckily, there are some basic diet principles that can address all those frustrating PCOS symptoms at their root — and I want to share the nutrition strategies that ACTUALLY work for PCOS with YOU.

And that's exactly why I created

PCOS Meal Prep Made Easy

The definitive guide to eating to balance blood sugar, lower inflammation and support gut and hormone health — so you can manage PCOS symptoms at their root!

Here's what you'll learn...

  1. The 4 Root Causes of PCOS Symptoms & Why They Matter -
    Did you know that ALL symptoms of PCOS stem from the same root causes? And the good news is that ALL of them can be managed with specific nutrition strategies!
  2. The Key Principles of Eating to Manage Root Causes - We go into DEEP detail how to eat to balance blood sugar (without going low-carb), lower inflammation (without cutting out gluten OR dairy), support gut health (without an elimination diet), AND support hormone health (including foods to help lower androgens!)
  3. Putting it All Together to Build PCOS-Friendly Meals - How to translate the principles of a PCOS-friendly diet into what to actually EAT. Without spending hours in the kitchen (if you don't want to)!
  4. Advanced Tips & Tricks and Frequently Asked Questions - I tackle grocery shopping with PCOS, macros, binging, vegetarian/vegan diets, and pregnancy.


You will walk away from this 1-hour workshop feeling completely confident in knowing EXACTLY what, how much, and when to eat for optimal PCOS nutrition!

What you get...

PCOS Meal Planning Made Easy

  • Immediate access to the 1-hour training
  • Keep the recording forever and re-watch whenever you'd like!


PLUS the BONUS: PCOS Meal Planning Made Easy Companion Guide

  • 16-page guide to refer back to what you learned in the workshop any time
  • Blank weekly meal planning template to make your meal planning easy! Just print & copy!


"From this program, I was able to achieve a balance in my energy level. I have insulin resistance and hypothyroidism, so eating the way I did prior cause me to feel sluggish most days and have severe drops of energy during the day after certain meals. This program helped me avoid crashes and I found myself not needing a nap after workouts or just because I can't make it to 3 pm without one. Additionally from the decrease in napping, I now actually sleep peacefully through the night. When it comes to the weight loss component, it is coming off slow and steady, but I do not feel like I am starving when achieving these results. My body for once is my friend and not my enemy!"

PCOS RCR Student

"Melissa’s no BS approach to PCOS is what sold me. She’s blunt, straightforward, and doesn’t coddle you! Basically, if you put in the work and follow the recommendations she so thoughtfully lays out for you, you can most certainly expect to see results."

PCOS RCR Student

"In one word...AMAZING!!! I have been diagnosed with PCOS for 16 years, as well as a diabetic. At the beginning of the course, I was in the hospital with a life threatening DKA. I started following some of the meal plan ideas and smoothie recipes, and around week 3 my blood sugar was lower than it’s been in over a year. I even lost 8 pounds. There was nothing I did differently, other than following Melissa’s recommendations. I also had my first period since February of this year, with ovulation. So thank you so much for this. It’s truly life changing. "

PCOS RCR Student

"I’ve had my first normal cycle after one month of changes (89 days to 32 days)! My cycles appear to be normal, my sugar cravings have practically disappeared. My acne is improving too. "

PCOS RCR Student

"I had tried intermittent fasting with no results and struggled with weight loss. Following this plan, my cycle this month was shorter and I feel so mucn better eating 3 meals a day again versus fasting! "

PCOS RCR Student

"Simply by incorporating the nutrition tips Melissa recommends, I immediately shortened my cycle. They went from 34-35 days to 28 days. I’ve already had two 28 day cycles! I also have WAY more energy, both physically and mentally. I have the physical energy to work out and my midday to early evening brain fog is starting to clear. "

PCOS RCR Student

"This changed my life! I just can’t get enough of Melissa’s approach and knowledge base. But...when [the nutrition guidelines] were first introduced, a lightbulb flipped on in my brain as I started scanning all the meals/snacks I’d had recently. That was a game changer for me! "

PCOS RCR Student

"I'm down 30 pounds and on my second regular cycle... for the first time in my life!" ... "I was able to ovulate and now I'm almost 12 weeks pregnant!" ... "I got my period at 35 days! So much better than 45-60!" ... "Thank you so much for this course! I had my first natural ovulation ever a couple of weeks ago and confirmed pregnancy via hcg yesterday!!!" ... "I started my period today on day 29 of my cycle! No wonder they call you The Period Fairy, Melissa!!!"

Other feedback from
current PCOS RCR Students

Figuring out what to eat for PCOS can feel like a full-time job... but this workshop can FINALLY help you confidently make choices that work WITH your PCOS, not against it!

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My signature PCOS course sells for $997 and includes my proprietary and proven 6-step method to PCOS success, including all the must-know nutrition, lifestyle, supplement & testing information as well as access to the private Facebook group. And working with me one-on-one starts at 4x that amount.

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STOP wasting your time and money on plans that don't work. Over 600 of women with PCOS have already gotten results with my methods. Are you next?

Plus you also get the bonus:

PCOS Meal Planning Made Easy Companion Guide

  • 16-page guide to refer back to what you learned in the workshop any time
  • Blank weekly meal planning template to make your meal planning easy!
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Frequently Asked Questions

You are more than welcome to sign up for this workshop, but know that it is very difficult to meet the nutrient targets Melissa recommends on a 100% plant based diet.

Yes, but... Melissa is a US-based dietitian, and as such, all recommendations and measurements in this program are US-based.

No. This workshop is on teaching you the principles of HOW to eat with PCOS. If you want recipes, be sure to opt into the 4-week meal plan at checkout, or check out Melissa's book, A Balanced Approach to PCOS.

No. This workshop was specifically created for people with PCOS. This workshop was NOT intended for healthcare providers to learn about PCOS. Registering with the intent of using any of the copyrighted information in this workshop for anything other than your own personal usage is in violation of the terms and conditions of this offer and will be subject to legal action.


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