PCOS Meal Prep Made Easy Limited Discount

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Get PCOS Meal Prep Made Easy - the 1-hour meal planning workshop!

What you'll get:

  • Understand the root causes of PCOS and why nutrition matters
  • Learn HOW to eat to manage root causes
  • Walk away from this workshop feeling completely confident about WHAT EXACTLY to eat with PCOS!

Bonus: 16-page Companion Guide to the Workshop with Blank Meal Planning Template included!

What People Are Saying:

In one word...AMAZING!!! I started following some of the meal plan ideas and smoothie recipes, and around week 3 my blood sugar was lower than it’s been in over a year. I even lost 8 pounds. There was nothing I did differently, other than following Melissa’s recommendations. I also had my first period since February of this year, with ovulation. So thank you so much for this. It’s truly life changing.

I was able to ovulate and now I'm almost 12 weeks pregnant!

I'm down 30 pounds and on my second regular cycle... for the first time in my life!

This changed my life! I just can’t get enough of Melissa’s approach and knowledge base. But...when [the nutrition guidelines] were first introduced, a lightbulb flipped on in my brain as I started scanning all the meals/snacks I’d had recently. That was a game changer for me!

Simply by incorporating the nutrition tips Melissa recommends, I immediately shortened my cycle. They went from 34-35 days to 28 days. I’ve already had two 28 day cycles! I also have WAY more energy, both physically and mentally. I have the physical energy to work out and my midday to early evening brain fog is starting to clear.

I had tried intermittent fasting with no results and struggled with weight loss. Following this plan, my cycle this month was shorter and I feel so much better eating 3 meals a day again versus fasting!

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Add PCOS Meal Planning Guide & 4 Weeks of Meal Plans to your order!

The perfect complement to PCOS Meal Planning Made Easy!

4 weeks of dietitian-designed PCOS-friendly meal plans featuring 80+ NEW recipes that are blood sugar balancing, anti-inflammatory, and gut- and hormone-supoorting!

Includes breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks!

And did I mention they're delicious?

Manage your PCOS symptoms with these easy meal plans!

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