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Navigating PCOS: A Comprehensive Guide for the Newly Diagnosed - Includes everything you need to learn how to start managing your PCOS naturally with nutrition, lifestyle changes, and supplements!

Learn from an award-winning integrative women's health dietitian who specializes in PCOS and has helped thousands of women:

- Regain regular menstrual cycles with confirmed ovulation

- Have more energy & fewer cravings

- Improve hair & skin symptoms

- Lessen bloating and lose weight

- Lower risks for diabetes, heart, disease & cancer

- Get pregnant naturally and have successful pregnancies


  • Learn what PCOS is, how it's diagnosed, symptoms & risks, causes, and conventional and functional treatment approaches
  • Why there's no one-size-fits-all treatment approach and why nutrition and lifestyle matter
  • Understand the root causes driving most PCOS symptoms, and how to address them with nutrition, lifestyle changes, and supplements
  • Blood-sugar balancing, anti-inflammatory, gut- and hormone-supporting nutrition strategies
  • Movement, sleep, stress, and environment considerations for PCOS
  • Evidence-based supplement recommendations for PCOS
  • Considerations when building a PCOS healthcare team
  • Additional resources & tips


What People Are Saying:

Melissa is so real in the most supportive and loving way. She is the first person during my PCOS journey who truly made me feel heard, supported and understood, while also holding the real tools for my optimal health. Never once did I feel judged or as though this was not obtainable. Every other person I’ve run into through my PCOS journey is like, “lose weight.” “Cut sugar.” Blah blah blah. Of course Melissa prioritizes healthy eating, but never once has she said “never ever can you have...” Her approach for teaching rather than shaming or scaring is absolutely priceless. I have said it once and I will say it a million times more- Melissa’s course changed my life.


I got my period back, with ovulation & it feels like she’ll be back this month as well. I even lost weight, which wasn’t the goal, but hey a much welcomed perk.


I was looking to regulate my period and stop gaining weight uncontrollably. I’ve been able to do both! I've even lost some of my quarantine weight.


For the first time, I felt like I wasn’t being judged for my weight by a medical professional. It was a safe and open space to learn. The information also helped me lose weight, feel happier, sleep better, and regain some confidence. I’ve really learned about food and how my body processes it. I have lost weight and this has led to me feeling happier and more confident with myself. By changing a few small things in my life, I saw a huge improvement.


I have insulin resistance and hypothyroidism, so eating the way I did prior cause me to feel sluggish most days and have severe drops of energy during the day after certain meals. This program helped me avoid crashes, avoid napping, and as a result, sleep peacefully through the night. Weight is coming off slow and steady, but I do not feel like I am starving when achieving these results. My body for once is my friend and not my enemy. This program taught me that I do not have to cut my calories to 1200 or below and eliminate all carbs to lose weight...and quite frankly those approaches cause me to gain A LOT of weight.


I know that weight loss is not the goal for this program, but let's be honest, anyone with weight gain as a side effect of PCOS wants to lose weight. I had been rapidly gaining weight recently and have plateaued since starting this program and decreased my binge eating significantly! I also stopped trying to "intermittent fast" and "eat only low carb" among many other stupid diets that don't work!


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