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  • Which lab tests are important for PCOS
  • How to identify and monitor root causes of PCOS symptoms
  • Conventional vs functional testing and who can order your tests

Includes recorded Q&A.

Recorded March 8, 2022

What People Are Saying:

After Melissa explained to me the results of my hormone tests I now understand more what’s going on with my hormones. You have been the only professional that has explained to me what’s going on with my hormones and also made good recommendations to improve the issue.


I wanted help transitioning off of birth control so I could get pregnant (and to avoid horrible cystic acne)! It is so helpful to work with an expert – the DNA, blood, and hormone tests helped ensure I was making the best decisions and choices for my body. I stopped the pill… and so far so good!


Working with Melissa helped me understand my PCOS on a deeper level through the DUTCH test and other specialized testing. We found that I am estrogen dominant and have very low progesterone. Melissa was able to come up with an easy-to-follow supplement regimen as well as ensure my diet includes foods that enhance my body's natural detox pathways.


I love the Dutch test and how Melissa breaks down everything in layman's terms. Then, she suggests the supplements and other things assist in correcting any issues.


Working with Melissa was easy. She was always able to accommodate my busy schedule. Once labs were received, Melissa was quick to analyze the results and get them back to me, so we could come up with a plan to manage my PCOS.


I already have referred people to Melissa because it was that empowering for me. Not only do you get answers from the DUTCH test but you get an amazing educated professional who cares about your health as a whole and not just as a numbered patient on a piece of paper that is apart of the masses. Melissa takes the time to look at the big picture and then zoom in on the things that can make the biggest difference in your personal circumstances and how to better your overall health. It’s been just over a week since I met with Melissa to go over my lab tests. The results I’m seeing in my energy levels, sleep, and gut health have improved so much already in just 1 week. I feel so empowered; the information she helped me to understand from my DUTCH results have changed the way I’ve handled my recent PCOS diagnoses. I also am a member of her PCOS Root Cause Road Map Course and must say if you have PCOS GET THE COURSE! It pairs with the DUTCH test so well and you have Melissa’s knowledge and wisdom at your fingertips for LIFE! Amazing! Thank you Melissa for being your B.A. self and helping women with PCOS❤️


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